Viewing the list of risk registers

To view a list of all risk registers in your Jira instance, click on the Apps menu at the top of the page and select Risk registers:

A list of the risk registers you are permitted to view will appear:

The following fields and options are available:

Search by name

Enables you to quickly search the risk register list by typing in a full or partial name.

Create a risk register

Enables you to create a new risk register. Note that this button is only visible if you have the Create risk register permission.


The name of the risk register, which is defined when the register is created. Clicking on the name opens the risk register.


The names of those Jira users defined as administrators for the risk register. Administrators can open and modify the settings screen (see below).

Based on

Describes where the risk register is sourcing its risk data. There are three options:

Single project. The register sources its risks from a single project. Note that the system displays the custom project icon.

  Filter. The register sources its risks from a saved filter.

Multi-project. The register sources its risks from multiple projects. This is a legacy option and should be replaced with a filter-based register.

Gear icon

Opens up the settings screen for the risk register.